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- John Smith, Canada

Forged visors

Forged visors - are the main entrance element,wich will be the best decision of house decorating.This part of the external facade of your building is not only a decorative element but it is also functional. The forged visors and canopies are perect protection from the precipitations, falling autumn leaves and bright sunlights.

When the forged visors are manufactured all the nuances of the external building facade are taken into account. The first step is the sketch criation,then we fabricate the example and only then begins manufacture process. The art forge wich is used as an alternative decoration so variety that we can use it in different architectural styles creation.

If you want to issue the order or get more infotmation you shoul call our company and our spesialists will help you to do the right decision.


Manual Artistic Forge

Use of of forged items in the interior of the house, apartment or office, as well as the exterior garden or land is in demand among connoisseurs of beauty and simply rich people...

Our Works

Examples of the forged works

When we are equipping our house with modern conveniences we are questioned about the choice of material for the fence. Construction companies will offer you a wide range of materials....



To make a reservation for manual artistic forging - just call us at the following telephone numbers or leave your request on our site and we will contact you...