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- John Smith, Canada

Forged wickets

Forged wickets - are the exquisite and stylish decoration of the fences, wich will be perfectly suit to the interior for the company and for the privat hause.

The main advantage of forged wickets - is the reliability due the high strength and resistance to any weather conditions. Outstanding feature of the forged gates - is their esthetic outward appearance, the arttistic forge will be always single out in office design or hause and simultaneously refine appearance. Additionally, you can decorate the wicket with the different forged elements,wich can help it to become more attractive and it will gain the uniqueness and originality. The useness in the production of forged wickets of modern technologies makes it possible to significantly increase their service life.

Our masters will make for you standart variant of the wicket and also they can create it according to your indivadyal sketch with all your wishes. The price of the forged wicket will be consists off the peculiarity of the project, the size of the construction, the supplementary elements, the complexity of the decorating and setting. But eventually the forged wicket will serve you for a long time and it will be the reliable protection of your house.


Manual Artistic Forge

Use of of forged items in the interior of the house, apartment or office, as well as the exterior garden or land is in demand among connoisseurs of beauty and simply rich people...

Our Works

Examples of the forged works

When we are equipping our house with modern conveniences we are questioned about the choice of material for the fence. Construction companies will offer you a wide range of materials....



To make a reservation for manual artistic forging - just call us at the following telephone numbers or leave your request on our site and we will contact you...