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- John Smith, Canada

Handmade art forging

Blacksmithing and metal forging –quite ancient craft, which is associated with the processing of metal.Ancient Russia has always been famous for its smiths, their ability to skillfully shoe even a flea, and we are not mention a variety of forged products.

Various household objects, tools for craft, tools for agriculture – all this were produced by the blacksmiths, masters of forging.

There were beautiful forged lattice on the windows. Gardens and parks were framed by the forged fences, gates, lattice with elegant and delicate forged elements. Gates, balcony railings, wickets, lights, garden furniture and forged stairs – only a small list of products, where the artistic forge is used.It is difficult to forge iron when it is cold,that is why forging can made when the temperature is from 1000 C. However, nawadays we use new technologies, that allows manufacture virtuosic and original forged elements with the help of cold ferginf.

Special formulations are used for garnishing the forged products, to improve durability and strength of the metal, it also allows you to get the exclusivity.

The fashion for forged products is growing currently. Use of of forged items in the interior of the house, apartment or office, as well as the exterior garden or plot in in demand among connoisseurs of beauty and just rich people. Stylish and unique forged products transforms, emphasizes the individuality of a country house, ordinary apartment, garden. Metal Art is very popular, by wrought fence, openwork forged lattices, gates, wickets to forged furniture, forged interior and forged garden furniture. The popularity of these products is undeniable, just because artistic forge – is the last "live" craft in our technocratic age.

Metal Art of our time combines the centuries-old tradition of the masters with the fashion trends of contemporary design. Decorating the house, garden, apartment and office with the forged products has become so familiar to rich people and connoisseurs of art of forging metal.

Forged products made with grace, transform, add an element of antiquity, warmth and comfort,elegantly emphasize the personal style of an apartment or a country house, and the simple garden can be transformed into a fabulous area.

Also in our company you can order different types of automatic gates to the garage.


Manual Artistic Forge

Use of of forged items in the interior of the house, apartment or office, as well as the exterior garden or land is in demand among connoisseurs of beauty and simply rich people...

Our Works

Examples of the forged works

When we are equipping our house with modern conveniences we are questioned about the choice of material for the fence. Construction companies will offer you a wide range of materials....



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